the unexpected…

It started with a terrible cold, a week in early February. I hardly get sick, like ever. So this already came to me as a surprise. To my own surprise I was out for the count, in my bed resting, missed some work, church, and was just oh so sluggish. The cold came and went, and week two I was still sluggish. I almost missed celebrating Valentine’s because I really wanted to stay in bed. But my better half Noe and I had some incredible plans to have a date day in San Diego that Friday. So off we went, we drove down I slept nearly the one and a half hour ride down. We took our lil pup Max and we were ready for a day of fun! We rented bikes with baskets, Max was having a blast, getting all the love from strangers. We ate at this yummy vegan restaurant- Café Gratitude.  ( a must go) ate some yummy cupcakes, walked around in a Art store, and headed to the local mall to pick our gifts for each other. It was a great day. The following day I headed to work Saturday morning, my once a week job- Starbucks. I was just not having it. Feeling all kinds of nausea, I mean to the point were I must step away from people because I need some fresh air and space, type of moment. I rush to the back, drink some water and my kind manager asks me if I’m ok. In that moment it hits me like a ton of bricks, is it, can it be? No way, but I am kinda late, my cycle hasn’t started its been nearly two. hmmm nah. I go about the rest of the day. My younger siblings were going to stay the weekend, for the 4 day presidents weekend. They arrived that Saturday night and were going to stay in till Monday. They stayed over so my parents could have a nice Valentine’s weekend together-kid free. I felt bad I was filling ill still and not up to par in hosting them, but we had a great weekend together. Monday comes, and I drop them off and head back home. Noe is anxious to go buy a pregnancy test and I say no, haha were not spending no $20 on a stick, when I can go make a nurse visit and they can confirm this for free. heheh. Secretly, I wanted to find out before he did, so I can make it special if it was our time. Tuesday morning comes and we head to work, we have lunch together as usual, since we work on the same campus. And I am pretty anxious in till the end of my shift so I can head to Kaiser. I chatted with a fellow mama at work this day, symptoms I’ve had, how I’ve been feeling and she gave me the run down. Oh ya, I’m no doctor, but you have to be pregnant. After our conversation the Lord oh so graciously gave me this over whelming peace, HE was preparing me for this answer that I would receive. Weather it be a positive or negative, I received this peace that I’ve only felt a couple times, that usually lead to a big blessing! I head to Kaiser secretly, and meet with the nurse. She gives me the run down pee in this cup and bring it back. She pours my pee on that stick, sets a timer and guides me to her office. She begins chatting with me, asking some personal questions, and next thing we know that timer goes off and she gets up takes a look, comes back to the office and shares, oh ya you’re definitely PREGNANT! oh really, what!? Like its positive, positive. Yup, now you need to start taking prenatal pills, ( chat’s my ear off, the rest is history!) I seriously can’t even remember all that she said. Besides that my next appointment would be 2/29! That day 2/16 would change my life, forever. I exit the office, and immediately run into the sweet co-worker of mine I had a convo with earlier. We head to the restroom and I tell her, well its positive, I am expecting! The tears flow down my face, with all these mixed emotions running thru my mind and we end the convo with her praying for me. She is a sweetheart and I was completely blessed by her that day. Our gracious Lord knew what HE was doing, and who would be there for me turning this tangible time. Off I go into my car, everything I dreamt of was coming true right before my eyes, now I had a tiny human growing, with not one skill in mind. I simply thanked the Lord for the work He was doing in my life. At this time it was past 5pm on that Tuesday night, when I should of been home, fixing dinner almost ready to head to life group for the evening. I realized I had 3 mixed calls from my husband. Ooops. I head to the store pick up some mylar ballons that have baby girl, and baby boy, and a big happy face  balloon to! I’ve had this really cute “we’re pregnant” card at home in my draw saving for the day I’d once use it. I finally call Noe back and tell him I’ve been at the store see him soon. hehe. I started putting together my plan, realizing he’s already  home, how in the world I’m I going to pull this off with a SURPRISE! I mean I still have to write in that card that’s at home. SO, I call my neighbor and tell her, Could you help me with something? I basically needed her to help me get Noe out of the house, into their house , so I can arrive home to put my surprise together. I give her my news! She’s elated to help me. I arrive home and wait on the corner parked, waiting for Noe to cross the street. I finally see him cross, which seemed forever, in a whole 5 min span. But c’mon I need to use the restroom. I race in get the card, write a sweet note, tie the balloons together, and patiently wait for him to cross back. While he’s at the neighbors house, a real issue steamed up in their electrical, and it was taking longer then I thought, mind you I still haven’t used the rbathroom. He finally crosses back and he arrives to the door. I greet him and I give him the balloons attached to the card. He says, aw, you shouldn’t have, another Valentine’s gift? Noe, look closely, I say. His response, OMG! OMG! No way! We share the joy there in our living room, were we realized a whole bunch of new life was about to happen in our home. Noe, runs back to the neighbors house to share the news. Which they already knew. Noe is psyched because I planned it out good! Now were back at home, talking about all what’s about to happen. Noe calls our senior pastor to share the joy. We head to life group but agree that tonight wouldn’t be the night we shared. I just wanted to be cautious. And wait till I received an ultra-sound. Next day comes, and I let my two lovely administrator’s know that I am expecting. They share their joy. We have lunch together as usual and Noe can’t wait to share, so he shares with our sweet friends, The Olson’s, they share their joy. Wednesday night is here, Generate night has arrived. And I must share with my sweet friend Tori, she shares her joy! Couple days go by, Noe is researching all these kinds of stuff. He cant wait to share, but we still keep it very limited. It has been a joy these past 2 weeks, during this season of fasting to be reflecting on the Lord, we have rejoiced in what a good good father he is. This fast has been a joy, and this baby growing inside of me is our best kept secret. I really want to make it special for my family, so in a couple of weeks, we will celebrate my Mothers 45th birthday, and there is when we plan to share our knew found growing love. Tomorrow 2/29 we have our 1st appointment and we are anticipating.



*Disclaimer, the purpose of this blog is for personal use. It’s to keep track of those milestone moments, and remember the emotion and growth. I am not a English major, or perfectionist. There will be grammar errors. *


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