growing baby Barragan.

My intention was to track my growing baby bump weekly since we first found out. But this mama has been so so sick, weary & tired. 😕 I finally took the moment to capture the beauty of pregnancy. At this point I can’t tell if im growing a baby or just have a food belly, but something is going on. 

My husband has been oh so gracious, understanding and the biggest servant. I am blessed beyond measure to be married to a Godly man like Noe, and I look forward to him taking on his new role as a daddy. 😊
These past several weeks have been a whirlwind, from keeping our pregnancy a secret, taking announcement photos, life, celebrations, & our two year anniversary. It’s been eventful & fun. These past two weekends we finally shared with our families, and it was truly a joy! There were many joyous tears shed and a big surprise to everyone. My momma is turning 45 in a couple of days so we celebrated early, because Noe & I couldn’t hold our secret in any longer. It was a beautiful night celebrating her life, & introducing new life too! As my momma opened her gift my heart was beating faster and faster. It was our ultrasound photo in a home made frame. She was shocked and oh so surprised, the tears flooded. It was the best gift she could receive, she stated. They all cried. It was such a special moment. We gave them some neat shirts that read, “Keep calm I’m going to be a Grandma” Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle (x2) they were a hit. 
A couple weeks ago we took some pregnancy announcement photos. These are captured by our good friend Kristen Ellingson, and her assistant (fiancé) Shane LemMon. We are ready to share our best kept secret with our church family this week, with the celebration of of our risen King-Jesus.  

there is a new peep joining us


*Disclaimer, the purpose of this blog is for personal use. It’s to keep track of those milestone moments, and remember the emotion and growth. I am not a English major, or perfectionist. There will be grammar errors. *


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